Friday, June 10, 2011

Dance Recitals, Flower Burritos, Book Club, and lost cameras

Alas! I accidentally threw my camera away this week! AAAAAARRRRGH! The camera itself was cheap and not great, but - agony! - the photos on it were for the previous two days and of course irreplaceable.

What happened? I came home from work very late one night after a long day - organic farm tour, girl scout badge ceremony, three hours of driving, and a full day or work, including teaching. I was apparently too tired to remember that I'd tossed the camera in the bottom of a bag that also contained recycling and I put the whole thing in the bin, which was retrieved and taken to the dump early the next morning, before I realized my foul mistake. Agony! Agony! Charles tried so hard to rescue it, as did vigilant heroes from the sanitary service, but to no avail.

That said, I am hopeful that we can purchase photos from the dance studio soon, because Katherine had her third annual recital this week, did a jazz ballet dance and a tap dance, and was so good. This year, her class seems to have gone from merely fun to emerging talent and certainly they are doing steps that would require considerable practice before I could duplicate them. She was beautiful and I cried....

Later in the week, we toured a nearby organic farm, which was fabulous fun. And gorgeous! Like an elegant English garden (lots of flowers) combined with a fruit and vegetable farm. Our flower burritos were a certain highlight - combining six different edible flowers in a spinach wrap. We also saw bee hives and immediately ate honey on sorrel leaves. To see Gabriana walking around munching on a spinach leaf was a unique experience! One photo I missed (not that it mattered anyway, argh!!) were three six year olds comparing loose teeth, all standing in a semi-circle with their mouths agape. Funny!

Book Club June was The Penderwicks, put off from last September when we decided to go see The Taming of the Shrew. Such a wonderful book - a modern day "Little Women," both in the sister relationships and in the lovely writing. The four sisters are uniquely gifted and have loving, strong, caring relationships with one another. They are all smart and athletic, embracing their identities in ways that defy dull stereotypes. We love them all!

For activities, we prepared a meal for an Arondale Hall dinner (gingerbread, cucumber sandwiches, and other entre meses). Then the kids colored sketches of local wildflowers, with attention to correct color detail. We later played a game with the sketches, matching the flower's description and Latin name with its picture so that we could learn the common name. The sketches turned out pretty well! So did the "Arondale supper," with most of the kids dressed up and enjoying apple cider in fancy glasses.

We messed around a little with Fibonacci numbers in nature after that, but mostly the kids just played and played the book. What fun!

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