Saturday, June 4, 2011


At a Junior Ranger talk; trying on a bear skin!

Happy climbing with friends.

You are mighty close to the edge, there, sweets! 1,500 feet and 60+ switchbacks above the valley floor, just before it started to snow/hail (which was thrilling and gave tired hikers new energy).

The magnificent upper fall of the Yosemite Falls, tallest in North America. Spectacular!

Campsite - see sweet spring creek behind us. Delightful!

As they posed, they chanted "Best Friends!" as they put their heads together. Waking up a little chilly, but cozy.

Ranger Ned's Great Adventure; a ranger show/performance for kids, which the girls found completely hysterical. It covered geologic history, human history, and current conservation issues (bear awareness) and the girls were beside themselves with laughter throughout.

We were actually stuck in traffic when I took this. Who cares, huh? Stunning, fabulous, lovely....

At breakfast at our second campground on our final day. Relaxed and happy. Me too! Time to get home to Ike and Daddy, though....

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