Monday, July 18, 2011

Camping at Lake Tahoe

Fun, relaxing fun! The weather was perfect and the water was perfectly cold. As usual, the mountains were stunningly beautiful and we were happy just to be there, admiring the blueness of the lake against a backdrop of snow-topped peaks.

We camped with really wonderful new friends; after meeting them and watching the kids play so intensely together a few months ago, we moms said, "we really ought to go camping together!" So we did and had such a perfect weekend, playing, talking, swimming, and trading Shakespeare quotations. Yes, fun for all five of us! Gabriana actually rolled over on Saturday morning and the first thing she said when saw me lying next to her in the tent reading was, "Mommy, what is your favorite Shakespeare line?" Oooo... I put my book down for that one!

A family that decorated their campsite with a pirate theme was the frosting on the cake for the girls, especially as every time they walked past and said hello, the pirate dad would obligingly growl, "arrrgh" or "shiver me timbers!"

We did have an odd encounter. Another family that was camping nearby had a six year old daughter with a strong baby "accent." In front of my girls, but somewhat unintelligibly, she observed that she'd never seen "two black girls together with a blond girl." We were talking at a distance, across a creek, early on a quiet Sunday morning, and it wasn't quite the set-up for an extended conversation, even had I been willing to approach it with a strange child. It sure gave me a strange jolt of surprise, the reminder that some kids are unused to the physical differences within our family that to us are a happy norm.

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