Saturday, July 9, 2011


An evening "pay what you want" preview of Macbeth was such an incredible experience! Toward the end of the three-hour performance, K whispered to me, "it is like watching a movie," meaning that it was hard to tear your eyes away from the compelling action and drama. A bit later, G announced that she was going to sleep (in my arms), then instead sat up straight when she heard familiar words. As Macbeth made his infamously dreary "tommorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow" soliloquy, I could hear the girls both quietly saying it with him, completely immersed in the language and drama of a beautiful night. They fell asleep almost immediately when they hit the car, but when I quietly observed, "what a wonderful day," K agreed in the most cozy and affirming way, quietly murmuring in agreement, "I love you Mommy."

Really happy to be there!

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