Monday, August 1, 2011

First Backpacking Trip

Abuela (my mom) came with us, adding to our list of wonderful and memorable adventures shared together. Lots of mosquitoes, but otherwise it was perfect - gorgeous, fun, and with really ideal weather. We hiked about two and a half miles in, then enjoyed complete solitude all night long next to a lake that was so still that it reflected the stars.

The next morning, we played - hiked, swam, watched a mountain chickadee family enter and exit a dead tree near our tents, used microscopes to examine the multitude of cricket (?) exoskeletons all around, found a dead Northern Rubber Boa (ugly snake) and a live Mountain Garter Snake (pretty and teeny), attempted to catch fish (an ingenuous if ultimately unsuccessful attempt to snare them alive for pets with pots and bits of bread), "skiied" on patches of remaining snow, and more. Mom and I were even treated to a magic show, very silly joke telling session, and a variety of lovely songs, enthusiastically sung, from "The Sound of Music."

The girls were tough and fun and I felt like all my years of being super-happy just to be in the mountains was topped by the joy of doing it with my mom AND these lovely, fun, daughters!

Taking off, almost clean. That didn't last! (I had to throw their pants away - so stained with sap that two washings didn't make a dent in the black marks!)
Alpine glow reflection in the lake. We got there just in time for sunset!
Sherpani snuck in our tent to snuggle with the girls.
Happy backpackers. G fashioned a sherpani-like skirt out of my bandana. They were both carrying packs, though hard to see with this angle.
Headlamp fashion on a bear cannister.


Zoe said...

So great!

Len and Elizabeth said...

I love the picture of the girls by the lake with the sunset. It's a beautiful picture and one that really captures both of their personalities.