Monday, September 5, 2011

Backpacking again

Well, sort of backbacking. It was a very short hike from the car to the campsite and we could have used wheelbarrows for the half mile trip, but we didn't, so technically we were backpacking. Whatever we call it, the location is quite magical and we had a wonderful time. Hearing the waves crashing all night long was especially amazing.

Getting started:

Waking up the next morning and rushing to see the goats milked. We were on an educational farm located on a bluff above the ocean.

Farmer Sam showed the kids what he was doing, then sprayed willing hands with warm goat's milk, which brought giggles.

Playing catch

Checking out the tidepools. Lots to see, including many sea stars, which ranged in color from magenta to orange.

All in all; great fun!

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