Saturday, September 24, 2011

Country Day, Indonesia

We heard presentations on the Spice Islands, Indonesian masks, batik making, chimanzees, other endangered Indonesian animals, and Balinesian dance. K did hers on the journey of the Leatherback Sea turtle, which nests in Indonesia and Malaysia and travels to the Farrallone Islands, eating jellyfish along the way. Her presentation included a video of a Leatherback eating jellyfish and fascinating photos that demonstrated just how large they are (the world's largest reptile and often mistaken in the sea for a large whale!)

Gabriana was technical support for the Spice Islands presentation - and very proud of her role, turning the slides. Next!
We enjoyed lots of exotic food; our contribution was a peanut pancake snack (can't remember the name). One kid noted that durian smell like foot odor... I can't agree, exactly, but it is too cloyingly sweet for my taste, even in ice cream form (which we got a chance to try, too).
This is part of our attempt to remake a Sarad, a Balinesian spiritual representation. We worked with another family early in the week, with mom April reinforcing through her creativity just how bad my own art skills are. Oh well; it was fun!
Titukanula was a guest and prop in K's presentation when she showed how the ridged shells of Leatherback turtles are different from the "scutes" found on most turtle shells. She was also an avid observer, propping herself on the side of this basket and seeming to pay close attention. What will Tituk do with this new knowledge of Sumatran tigers and batik making, do you think? Hmmmm....

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