Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Club: Heidi

As per our new format, we did some activities (art and cooking), then snacked in theme (fondue, goats milk, soft rolls, Swiss cheese), then discussed the book. Some of the kids still aren't totally into the discussion, but others are and are showing insight about the protagonist/antagonist, setting, plot climax, etc. and how each of these elements contribues to understanding the author's message. As usual, we had a great time and learned quite a bit, too.

Here, K is trying goat's milk (from a bowl, per the book); her reaction is more like mine and less like Klara in the book, who describes it as "milk combined with sugar and cinnamon." To me, the aftertaste was like a whiff of the barnyard at the zoo... but it was fun to try!

Amazing discussion cards created by Caryn and family; a marvelous way to kick off the discussion and the kids clambored for them! I personally wanted the one of a starry view from a straw bed, but it was eagerly snatched from me - love, love, love that enthusiasm. (And then we learned that in Europe tourist-savvy people now offer opportunties to sleep on a bed of straw. Whoo hoo!)

Chocolate fondue; not exactly shepherd's fare (the original inventors of cheese fondue), but no one who came to book club was complaining.....

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