Sunday, February 12, 2012

Macbeth in the Park

Well, in a theater in the park. And free! By the same people who offer the free Shakespeare in the Park series. A gorgeous room with views of the bridge behind, a great production, and a "playshop" afterwards to get more into Shakespeare's words.

This was beforehand, exploring the cannons in the Presidio. This was was used against the U.S. in the Philippines in about 1897.

View of audience in the balcony.

"Macbeth" on left and "Macduff" on right rehearsing the final fight scene. "Whaddaya mean, you aren't of woman born? Doggone it, anyway!" (Well, maybe that isn't a precise quote.)

Afterward, waiting to ask the actors a question. The entire (abbreviated, just 75 minute) production had only five actors in all roles.

Playshop afterwards. Creating a "frieze" out of specific lines from the play.

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