Monday, February 20, 2012

The Queen of Kale

She's too young for K's cooking class, so we are doing our own. I call her "the Queen of Kale" because she likes it so much, however it is cooked. Don't know how that happened, but I hope it lasts!

The picture on the right is the same gorgeous sleepyhead, so peaceful after a rocky night. She is so lovely and awesome; I adore her.

A few days ago, sounding out new words, we used them in sentences. She said, "M-E-T... 'met!'" Then she added, "like 'ill met by moonlight, proud Titania," a quote from a Midsummer Night's Dream. Yes indeed.

By moonlight or daylight, she may be the toughest person I've ever met (and I know a few), stubborn, determined, opinionated, graceful, caring, funny, loving.... Did I mention stubborn? But I repeat it with gratitude, knowing that stubbornness and persistence are closely linked attributes and the latter bodes well for success in many of life's endeavors.

She's also deeply caring and observant. A few weeks ago, we had a rocky period with her sister, who was concerned with something going on in one of her classes. I hadn't discussed it around G, nor had she been part of conversations about it. Still, I was talking to our friend Jacki, who facilitates the class, at the park and G said, in a completely adult tone of concern, "how did my sister do today?" Jacki, who never speaks down to kids or expects that they are talking about anything less than what they are, bent down and replied, "she did really well. Thank you for asking." G then showed her insight and understanding, saying, "that's good, because she was really worried and was upset because..." then nailed the issue on the head (I'd been struggling all week to understand/articulate it). Love it! Love her!

I'm lucky, incidentally, as "loving" is the primary description I'd give to both of our girls. My intent is that they go through each day of their lives feeling confident always that they are loved, deeply and unconditionally.

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