Thursday, February 9, 2012

Switzerland Preparations

We are off to Switzerland this month! Well, for our Country Day studies, anyway. Would that we were going via airplane, but imagination, food preparation, the library, and shared exploration will have to do. (For now. I'll continue to dream.)

Here, we are playing a game in which we match the coat of arms of each of Switzerland's 26 cantons to its location on a map of the country. Some provided clues with French, German, or Italian sounding names, some we determined through trial-and-error (a computer game guided our creation of a map).

Here, of course, we are enjoying the fondue that we made. Cheese first, then chocolate. The latter was much preferred, despite using a very mild cheese. I hated Swiss fondue when I tried it on my travels in the Bernese Oberland; then again, I have what one German woman told me are immature taste buds - no appreciation for the stinky stuff!

Revisiting Switzerland through studies called me to bring out my photo albums, with many, many weeks of hiking in the Alps (mostly Swiss, but also through border countries). This photo looks down on my first campsite in Switzerland on my second night in the country (it was also my first trip out of the U.S. alone - two weeks of trekking in which I joined a London-based hiking/tour group). Stunning! I had woken early, partly due to jet lag, but also due to excitement and awe and I sat for hours at the edge of the lake below, soaking in the wonderous beauty.

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