Thursday, March 22, 2012

Country Day - Costa Rica!

G did her first presentation ever! (She had planned to last year during China studies. But she was only three and fell asleep in the middle of the presentations that day!) She asked to do it, practiced diligently, woke me up when she had worries about it in the middle of the night, but never wavered once she decided that this was the month. She spoke flawlessly, exactly as practiced, with complete control of the audience and absolute self-possession in front of the crowd of moms and kids. I left her side while she took questions so that I could get these pictures and she gracefully and with smiling enthusiasm answered various questions posed. Often her answer was a smiling, "I don't know. Next?" Oh my gosh was she great!

K's presentation was on the "Blue Zone" of Costa Rica, where people live active lives well past the age of 100. Why? They are happy and healthy due to a plant-based diet, moderate and regular exercise, spiritual beliefs, a sense of purpose, and family involvement. We found some interesting National Geographic articles on it and a web site through which you can test your overall health and happiness. Interesting! I think K was initially intrigued by the idea that happy people live well the longest, which is what got us involved in further research.

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