Wednesday, March 21, 2012

East End Thinkerers Get The Job Done!

G saw a newsletter I'd written for work and decided to do the same for her co-op class. Every page had a picture of the kids in her group and she wrote, "East End Thinkerers Get The Job Done!" as her theme. I really love this group of kids - very bright and strong-minded. I have ideas for what to do together and they always redirect me - music, dance, games, crafts, cooking, science projects... they know what they want to do and learn and are strong enough personalities - alone and as a group - to articulate their interests clearly.

Best, the personalities rarely clash - as strong as each is, they have unique and good ways of resolving conflict. Last week, G tried a new one when she felt she was being ganged up upon, saying with anger, "that is NOT what Jesus would do!" A long pause while the others considered this, then the youngest said, "I don't care!" G exploded, "you don't CARE what Jesus would do? Then you need to get out here!" It sounds harsh, but in fact is very much who they all are - blunt, clear, opinionated... and quick to forgive, resolve, move on. Very cool.

Below left - doing science projects (and making a huge mess!); on the right - a flower garden made of fruit.

Below left - fingerpainting. On right - completed bookmarks.

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