Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun Family Hike in the Rain

At one point, more than 20 families had signed up for our newest plan - a monthly family hike! But in the end there were three... and me with broken toes, a terrible head cold, and the pressing need to prepare dinner for visiting family. We had fun, despite light rain and considerable toe pain. The girls got to see friends, find more newts, and pet horses. All-in-all, a great afternoon. No newt kissing this time, thank goodness!


Kris said...

Hi everyone,

This is Kris and Luke, and we had no idea you are the crazy kind of family who goes hiking in the rain! Actually, that nasty head cold hit us this past weekend, so we would have stayed home anyway, but I would have warned you in advance if I had known you headed out in spite of rain :-) The next two are on the calendar, and we will try to come to the next one.

Charles, Therese, and Family said...

Hi Kris and Luke: We are indeed crazy... or at least some of us are (Charles opted out and stayed at church to chat with our pastor, instead!) We'd love to hike with you next time... or anytime! :-)