Saturday, March 24, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday Party Extravaganza

We haven't yet read Harry Potter (isn't it scary? I recall that it was and the only one that I saw - the first one - was pre-kids!) After this birthday party, I feel like we don't need read or see it - we were there! The best of the action, experienced first hand.

In this first photo, we are entering at train platform nine and three quarters.

Below left, G is using a magic potion to shrink Daddy... and it seems to be working! Below right, an amazing animated hat is telling K which class/school (?) she is being assigned to.

Below, chanting spells in Latin as part of the "transfiguration exercise;" lots of fun.

Below, an outdoor game of quidditch in the rain; the girls are the goalies (I forget the Potter name) and don't recognize the hilarious significance of the "snitch" running behind them (the bday girl's Dad, who obviously has a great sense of humor).


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