Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Very Wet Wild Day

No, I mean VERY wet. As in, this has been super fun... now let's go home. I want the kids to love nature, not dread it, so we carefully gauged their comfort with the cold and wetness. They danced, played, stomped, and had great fun in the cold downpour. Then, when the edge of fun seemed to begin to wear off (and puddle play resulted in small, cold lakes inside boots) we quickly retreated to learning about nature from inside the fabulous (and mostly empty) Bay Model, a research and educational endeavor. It seemed to result in another perfect, fun day... albiet one that was very different from what we'd done previously for our "wild day" adventures.

Playing inside a "toll booth" and pretending to be a bridge worker at the top of a tower.

Cool detail on the two acre model - the contours of the underwater hillsides deep beneath the bridge.

An exhibit within the museum - showing the role Sausalito played in the WWII ship-building effort. I had had no idea! The kids played and played within the exhibit, learning about morse code, ship building, WWII, women's work roles, and more.

Then... a cool surprise! The Lady Washington, which is a replica of a 1750 ship built in Boston, was docked nearby. It is now an educational vessel, sailing the West coast. No one except the crew was there, so the kids got a chance to ask a ton of questions. Since many of them just finished reading about the life of Nathaniel Bowditch (who lived a generation later in nearby Salem), this was really perfect. Still wet, but fun and interesting to see history brought to life.

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