Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wild Day - A Spectacular One!

Bobcats, newts, snakes, snails, salamanders, and bees... oh my! Lots of mud, too. We were supposed to join a ranger walk, but the walk was cancelled, unbeknownst to us, for rain. We experienced not a drop, however, and instead had a spectacular day of fun and discovery.

Kissing a snail. I wouldn't do it, but didn't stop the kids....

Kissing a newt, too! Blech....

Found a snake, too. Undoubtedly, someone kissed it, too (not me!)

A bee hive! No kissing here, but the kids got close enough (and quiet enough) to hear the buzzing of the bees at work. Not just individual bees, but the low hum of the hive. Special music! And then... a bobcat! On a parallel trail and getting progressively closer, this was absolute magic to see one so close up.

Finally, a shot while walking back to the car. Looks like the opening scene from "The Andy Griffith show," but with two kids and no fishin' pole. What a day!

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