Friday, April 20, 2012

Country Day - Thailand

I love Thailand - the richness of the colors, the food, the people, the beaches, the incredibly different architecture....  Presentations today included the animals of Thailand, friends and foes (a video with footage from one friend who recently returned from a "travel schooling" adventure there); Thai festivals; Thai elephants, a folk tale, and the Songkran New Year's festival.  Oh, and perhaps the most entertaining one... Thai squat toilets and a comparison of the relative health benefits of squat versus sitting toilets, complete a diagram of relevant internal organs and very clinical discussion of said body parts.

K presented on King Cobras of Thailand and included some awesome pictures from a National Geographic article.

G presented on the Floating Markets of Bangkok.  She developed an interest after watching a video on Thailand that we got from the library.  I've always wanted to visit these myself, but never had.  Hope this didn't encourage her shopping gene too much!

Two presenters spoke of a Thai festival in which water is poured over people's heads; the kids were quite enthusiastic about the demonstration.

Our "Spirit Houses" and Loy Krathong floats in front of them, after much additional decoration.

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