Monday, April 2, 2012

First Eucharist Retreat

We had a lovely experience this weekend; a morning with just K and I, at her First Eucharist retreat. (While we were there, G and Daddy got to see baby bobcats - among other things - at a local science museum, which sounds fun, too!) Here, K is with a friend examining the "grapes" that they colored. Each grape has a name or initial of someone they know within the parish community and the flowers in the background are symbolic of what happens when we cut ourselves off from the "vine" that nourishes our souls (they may look good for a while, but they don't last).

We also got to go into the sacristy. I remember being impressed by that when I was in Second Grade, but since K has been in multiple Christmas pageants and often carries the collection for deposit during mass, she was probably less impressed. Also, the kids got to try unblessed hosts, which certainly represented a rite of passage/preparation for the big day coming up.

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