Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool's Day

We got Charles big time for April Fool's Day. I got them up without complaint by whispering reminders of our plan. I casually mentioned that I thought I'd seen lights on in the car the night before and Charles got worried, knowing that he had sat out there for a while listening to the radio after an airport trip late at night. He told me to check the car and since we were rushing off to mass, the girls and I went to the car first. As planned, K then ran back to the house and very convincingly reported that when we started the car, all we heard was "click, click." Charles rapidly finished dressing and rushed down with the keys to the other car, already sweating as he hollered for jumper cables. We didn't help, we just stood there staring at him. Then I lost it, we started grinning, and I whispered to K, who said, "Happy April Fool's Day, Daddy!" This is a picture immediately following; they are clearly a bit more amused than he is!

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