Saturday, May 19, 2012

Country Day Egypt

The girls did a presentation together, called, "The Real Cleopatra."  They read a book that presented the premise that nearly everyone has heard of Cleopatra, but few people know true facts about her and most of what they do know is influenced by Hollywood and Shakespeare, who unilaterally adopted the biased Roman perspective.  (And those Romans didn't much like being almost defeated by a woman!)  After all, they did defeat her and smash all of her statutes (despite a hefty bribe from Egyptian priests and a subsequent promise not to), so some historical tension and ongoing bias is not unexpected. 

G presented on her childhood (a bit of a disfunctional family, to say the least!) and K on her adult years as a scholar, warrior, mother, wife, ruler, strategist, and more.  Lots to admire about a woman who was patriotic, a supporter of science and engineering projects, dedicated, loyal, and maybe, after all, not actually so physically beautiful.  Or maybe she was?  The point is, she was so much more and we had fun exploring that.

Funny, we learned that she wasn't even Egyptian, and that surprised me. Surprised everyone the girls interviewed, too.  But when K said, "did you know..." to her friends, they all said, "yeah, yeah..." These kids know so much!

We also heard presentations on pyramid construction, ancient Egyptian gods, oases, the Sphinx, and more.  And the food, as usual, was interesting and wonderful.

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