Friday, May 4, 2012

A Comedy of Errors

Thanks to my Mom for the great pictures!  We enjoyed a wonderful show with all of the kids' hard work coming together for this performance.  K had two roles - a small one as "merchant #1" (in the brown hat photos) and then as Aemelia, the Abbess, who turns out also to be the long-lost mother of the twins (black cloak photos). The kids were working on lines and presence, but were also concentrating on learning physical comedy, so there is lots of slapping and hair pulling in the show, which they clearly had enormous fun with.

 "After so long grief, such festivity!"  Her final line, practiced again and again.  She actually had a strong dislike for this role (too romantic, too easy, not enough action), so overcoming her own emotions and projecting the character into the role was a challenge.  But she did it!

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