Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Julius Caesar Performance

The soothsayer, Marc Anthony, Cassius, and a lovely fan


Hurray Grandpa!  Thanks for coming!

It was a great performance; all of the kids did a really great job. As I watched K, Shakespeare's line, "the plays the thing" came to mind (no matter that it was the wrong play). The performance, the audience, the acclaim are all the price that she pays to play - she absolutely, utterly loves the play in the truest sense of the world, taking a story and playing it out, using brilliant language with her friends to bring a plot to life. As a result, she's not as animated on performance day as during the days that are purely about the play, but as I watched her having so much fun - despite the grumpy teachers - I was full of joy. I love to watch her play, love to watch her having so much fun, love to see her in action being aso uthentically and joyfully herself. Fabulous.

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