Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just for fun

Creative dress up and imaginative play. My mom used to say that play is the work of children, that that is how they learn. Now lots of current "experts" back up the expertise that she shared decades ago. It is so clear, watching imaginative play, that there is no greater way to learn, to nurture creativity, fun, executive function, storytelling, imagination, and all of the most important attributes needed for future success.

I re-watched a Sir Kenneth Robinson video about educational paradigms in a class last night; one of the things he said that resonated is that kids this age will be retiring in the year 2065. NO ONE knows what the world will be like by then; how can we possibly prepare kids for a future that we can't even envision? Imaginative play is a good place to start (and I love these costumes!)

We've declared a belated "Spring Break" from normal academic routine while we finish off final classes with all of the preparation and excitement that comes with end of the year festivities.  As a result, this morning our kitchen/dining room looked like a stereotypical homeschooling space, with science projects galore making a mess while we explored together in our pajamas. Toothpaste, ketsup, mustard, lime juice, dish soap and more... which are acids, which are bases, and which are neutral?  We found out....

Totally miscellaneous.  This photo on the left is a typically silly K face - a little cynical and silly at the same time.  And the one on the right is gloriously G: some kids want to PLAY the piano, but when she tries, she has to at the same time figure out how it works. 

Love watching these minds at work. (And I tell them so.  All the time!)

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