Friday, May 18, 2012

Maker Fair

It was school bureaucracy meets creative chaos and the result was incredibly annoying. The creative chaos was there, but just as a teaser - not organized or forceful enough to overcome the group-think of systems designed to herd groups. Our 90 minute tour was cut in half with 45 minutes of waiting, being kept on bleachers with a docent who explained nothing. Then, as soon as we got inside, the guide with whom we "must stay" walked away from us without explaination to show one family the bathrooms, leaving us just standing there. Tempted to start bleeting like the animal we were being treated like, we eventually just took off on our own. We paid good money for the tickets and wanted to see something! Charles and K went back for the main fair; I couldn't stand the thought of that many people (120,000 expected!) Their review, "some neat stuff" (K) but "a lot of crap, too" (C). Too bad.

Creating and launching rockets
Chasing bubbles as we waited to get in
"Who LOVES math and science?"

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