Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend of Joy: Visitors, a Festival, and a Celebration

This cousin, as previously noted, is really a GREAT KID! We loved having her. Her Mom too, of course! We started by trying the pedal boating again, which was ridiculously hard, so much so that I had giggle fits, though I think my sister was losing her patience. Fortunately, there was a Polynesian festival at the same site, a happy coincidence. The dancing enchanted all of us!

Below, the kids are waiting patiently for family to arrive.  I began to think of it as a "silent boycott."  For reasons unknown, more than half of the local family whom we thought were coming didn't arrive within hours of plans, if at all.  And zero communication with the host!  So odd... In any case, despite moments of frustrated waiting, we had a wonderful time visiting with some of our most favorite people in the whole world, which is what matters.  And it is a cute photo, just how I found them as I rounded the corner from the garage.

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