Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ranger Walk: Wildflowers

It was wonderful to hike today; we went to a local preserve with a docent who helped us identify wildflowers. She assigned K to look for funnel spiders (pictures of web below) and G (aka "Queen of the Wood Rats") to count wood rat nests. We counted 168 over three miles!



Pictured above and on hike: golden yarrow, yarrow, farwell to springs, (rare) Franciscan onions, white globe lilies, yerba buena, yerba santa, soap plant (and its root), local honeysuckle, western morning glories, oceanspray, buckeye, blue witch (related to hemlock, birdfoot, yellow mariposa lilies. We also saw a red shoulder hawk nest high in a eucalyptus with two (unusual!) babies, some carrion, a diverse assortment of trees, and many birds. In the photo above, G was showing the big girls some photos that the docents had taken of noctural life on the preserve - seven coyote puppies, bobcats, deer, rabbits, skunks, and more.  Happy, awesome day!

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