Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse: Next one seen here in 124 years!

We went to a local library to watch the eclipse. K's astronomy teacher had contacted the architect who built the building, including this spectacularly perfect eclipse-watching domed ceiling. His story was fascinating, because he admitted never envisioning this outcome; instead, he was inspired by his wife's collander and the light designs the holes in it created to find a way to let more light into the building without adding excessive heat in summer. Love it! It was like watching art in motion, with each point of light changing shape with the progression of the eclipse until each circle, over an hour, became mere slivers of moons.  We also watched the shape change through special glasses and through shadowed reflections made with telescopes and simple box mechanisms.

About half way through....
Here, at the beginning of the eciple, Charles is letting it display on his shirt and head!

Almost at the height of it

With special borrowed glasses and Daddy's help

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