Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day of Adventure and Fun in the City

On the train

Part of the Venezuelan group

Fun at Mel's Diner

Carousel fun
We had a fun day, walking to the train station and then taking multiple forms of transport to arrive in the heart of the City for a children's concert.  The trip was fun and it was great to meet up with friends.  The music was great when they stuck to Venezuelan music, but adding one song whose only lyrics were "you should recycle" was completely lame.  The nearby playground was fun, though - the kids ran and ran, exuding excited joy.  We then went to a nearby Mel's Diner for a festive lunch (the girls wouldn't eat their American cheese grilled cheese sandwiches, saying that they tasted "like plastic.")  Riding a historic carousel was a treat too - it had been originally destined for SF, but re-routed to Seattle after the 1906 earthquake.  It was at SF's Playland until the late 1960s, moved to Long Beach for a while, and now returned to SF.  I thought the history was interesting, but the girls and friends just had fun.

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