Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magnificent Redwoods... and a Water Fountain

The first photo is from inside a Redwood circle, a family of Redwoods. Enchantment! Well, for me. The girls were more interested in taking their dog on the slide at the playground (he acquiesced, then refused the offer of a second turn) and then playing in the water fountain. Reminds me of touring the western US. camping with my family as a child, and being uninterested in the physical glory of mountains, rivers, or glaciers and instead focusing on my imaginative play with my brother and sisters. Either by coincidence or influence, the love of the outdoors and wonder for the beauty of God's creation became a strong part of who I am, regardless of my seeming disinterest at first; I hope for the same for these lovely girls. In the meantime, it is just as marvelous to watch them have fun together, being silly with a toy as simple as a drinking fountain.

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