Thursday, August 23, 2012

21 Years Later...

If I could have imagined where my life would be in 21 years, I would have been very surprised and very happy, both by what has changed and what stayed the same.  Travel adventures, friendships, professional journeys, marriage, and of course my most favorite endeavor (parenting) have all so much exceeded the  wildest imaginings of the person I was as I stood by that sign with a borrowed pack and no clue of the physical trials I would face that day (or the beauty and agony of the 17 that followed).  On that day I had not even begun to imagine many of the journeys that would follow this incredible adventure.  

Going back to that spot brought deep joy, for friendships old and new, for beloved daughters with whom to share this love, and for the beauty of this space, these mountains.  It also brought intense feelings of gratitude for God's care and continued awe for the beauty and magnificence of God's creations. 

I am already plotting our return!

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