Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday Postscript Conversation WOW

G:  "Mommy, do you know what I REALLY wanted for my birthday?"

Me:  (Expecting fairy wings, costumes, or something else material): "No, what?"

G:  "I wanted everyone to be happy."

Me:  Stunned silence.  Slowly I looked at her she played quietly by herself in the next room.  Then, I asked, keeping my voice intentionally casual, "did you get what you wanted?"

G:  Quietly, thoughtfully, "yeah."

Not what I expected; a wow moment of appreciation and gratitude.  We DID have a lovely afternoon, relaxing and playing with a simple party, simple food, relaxed agenda, good friends, and special cousins.  Love.  LOVE!  Hearing this and also observing her sister's happy anticipation of the big day, which was completely (magically) free from sibling tension, I can't imagine feeling more blessed. 

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