Saturday, August 11, 2012


Our seats were great too. 
Thankfully, we left before a Raiders fan caused a brouhaha, which
resulted in a lot of angry shouting, from what we saw from below.
Way down below...
Taken from the amazing lower seats

I was excited when my boss offered me her 49er tickets (have I mentioned that she is wonderful?)  We had two separate pairs of seats, so I sat with just G at first in the upper balcony while C and K sat down below in great seats 25 rows up from the 15 yard line.  Seeing the game live was really a fun experience and we all had a great time. 

I also loved the chance to appreciate again what a delightful person G is.  She was enthusiastic and curious about everything, switching her red shirt to wear it OVER her purple zip up fleece so that no one mistook her for a Vikings fan.  Fashion forgotten in the spirit of the moment!  She cheered enthusiastically, booed appropriately, and lept to her feet with joy at a dramatic interception. (She reported that shouting "DE-FENSE" was her favorite part of the game.)   I'm certain that she had no idea of the rules of the game or the significance of the action; she just poured herself into the spirit of the experience, which is what makes her such delightful company.

We soon will celebrate her fifth birthday and her company this evening was such a fun example of what I love about her.  Of all of the wonderful things she accomplishes, it is the basic essence of her heart that I thank God for every day.  I told her that, too - when God made her, the world clearly became a better and more beautiful place.  So deeply true.

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