Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nature Walk and Spontaneous Journaling

I love the idea of nature journaling, but previously the girls loved motion too much to slow down and sketch or write. I don't know what prompted the change, but K made sure that she had a pencil and notebook before we even left and both spent much of our docent-led walk with friends drawing pictures and writing about what we were seeing.

We learned lots of new things; two of my favorites are below - a turret spider web (so tiny and perfect!) and a flower gone to seed that looks remarkably like it was inspired by Dr. Seuss (or he by God's creation, more logically).  The kids also found lots of baby lizards, spottted many common local birds, identified two of the four local species of ferns, learned about galls and why we need to thank Western Fence Lizards for controlling Lyme disease, and lots more that is currently escaping me... probably because I wasn't wise enough to do my own journaling.  :-}  Incidentally, the next day we met the woman who developed the test to determine if you have Lyme disease - such a cool and amazing accomplishment, from a homeschooling mama/veterinary professor, no less!

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