Friday, August 24, 2012

Tough Cuties

So....  rushing this morning, off to a faculty retreat.  The girls had just woken up when my ride arrived, but when I went to say goodbye, I was surprised to find them back in my bed, curled up together.  So cute, I thought, cuddling together.  Sisters.  Best friends.

But then I got a surprise when  K told me what they were so earnestly discussing: 

"I'm teaching G how to punch." 


"Yes, you hold your fist like this, see, not like this...." 

As I said goodbye, I laughed about my own misplaced assumptions, and smiled at this reality.  I have no love of fighting, but I do think it is good for a girl to feel confident about her ability to protect herself.  Having that confidence probably eliminates the need in most cases for actual violence and I'd certainly rather have them prepared than victimized.  And I learned a few things from K's tips, having never actually punched anyone (yet?) myself!

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