Saturday, September 29, 2012

Country Day - Greece

Our first Country Day of the new year. We enjoyed Greek salads and baklava and heard presentations on the history of the Olympics (twice), the evolution of ancient Greek pottery, Greek sports, Greek myths (Minatour and Hercules), the lives of ancient Greek children (horrifying), ancient Greek makeup, and the Trojan horse. Displays included an impressive labryinth, a small model Trojan horse complete with trap door, modern Greek pottery (thanks, Mom), my painting of a Greek ocean scene that was a gift long ago, and the crafts that we've been working on in G's day of classes. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring G's shield and mask; fortunately, other moms aren't so forgetful and so that work was represented. Next... off to Korea!
Gathered to start the presentations
Watching and waiting
K presents on the history of the Olympics

Watching a presentation about the Minotaur's labrynth

Participating in a presentation about the battle of Marathon. 
K was a Greek, G a Persian.

Fielding questions about her presentation on Greek pottery

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