Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

I have so much to say about you that words fail me, mom; my ability to use them is inadequate to describe how much I love you and the many ways that you have influenced and inspired my life.  From a very young age, I knew that you were my best friend.  As I watched you make choices and take positions that went against the grain, I was inspired by your confidence and hard work.  I have always felt proud to be in your presence - as a kid watching you teach sex ed with a pro-life message in the San Francisco schools and today when I drop by your clinic and see you helping so many families.  Your work, your travels, your interests, your continuous approach to learning and teaching have all influenced and inspired me.  I have such great respect for you.  My love is harder to express because it is more like a state of being than a mere feeling.  Still, the greatest reflection I can think of to describe it is the awareness that your love informs my behavior every single day.

The absolute most important piece of advice you ever gave me was in the form of your own reflection about your experience and it has brought me great joy.  You have told me over and over that your time with your kids when we were young was the most wonderful time of your life.  I listened, recognizing truth grounded in love.  Long before I had kids, I saved money with the intention of being able to relish that time and then when these girls were born, I spent those savings as wisely, giving up without great concern things others may have thought more relevant.  Given the pressures of these economic times, I think I would have made very different choices had I not been informed by your advice... and in doing so, I would have missed the most precious and amazing gift that I can imagine - the awareness to relish my children's presence with both time spent with them and a mindful approach.

Just one story; I could write for days and never fully express or explain how much I love, admire, and appreciate you.

With all of my love and with great appreciation for the gift of having you as my mom,

Happy Birthday!

Love, me

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