Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Curriculum Topics

Ancient World History (as represented by G's decision to write "Gilgamesh" on our timeline and Anatomy (with materials that she began to explore before I could even plan my introduction.) I was pleased by their enthusiasm and was especially amazed to see the miracle of self-directed learning in action.  With that, we finish our first two busy weeks back at school and work keeping up with the ambitious goals we set and having fun too. Hurray!

I admit that I still haven't been for a run and Latin has pretty much falled off of our radar of current possibilities, but most of the other topics we planned have actually fallen into place for at least one of the girls.  I still need to look into piano, dance, and martial arts, but am waiting for finances to fall into place to see if there is enough for extras without undue stress on wallet or time.  And our schedule feels full, but not overwhelming, even with some extra weekend work-related events thrown in to compete for available hours.  For this I give continued thanks....

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