Friday, September 28, 2012

Science Class - Learning about Sublimation

This class is a blast - it takes place at the end of G's day-long series of classes, which starts with Spanish and includes culture studies and storytelling. The earlier classes are fun, with great teachers and include some really neat learning activities, but this one (taught by Charles) has become a favorite. He has a great way of teaching about a scientific topic (in this case, sublimation - going from solid to gas and skipping the liquid stage) while allowing them to experiment, get really messy, and have loads of fun. Last week, the kids co-oped his plans and decided to make perfume to start the class. The ringleader told him, "we'll do this now while you tell us about the elements." With that kind of leadership, who can help following the learner? I am just there as an assistant and the photographer, but as an observer, I have been super impressed with both learners and teacher. And I've learned a lot myself!

Gathered for the experiment

Bubbles that snap!

She was quoting Macbeth's witches...  double, double, toil and trouble...

Whoa!  Check this out.

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