Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SF History: Ohlone Children's Lives

The first picture has nothing to do with SF History - I just have a hard time interrupting children who are playing math games. :-)  But we did focus on Ohlone children, these first residents of San Francisco. We learned about how their environment was different from what we see today - not just the absence of the human-made structures that we see, but in the flora and fauna and even creek patterns as well. We made dice and stick dolls, made fire, created balls from leaves and played group games with them, gathered materials for baskets, collected food (yes, even real wild strawberries) and staged for video several other activities related to how Ohlone youth spent their days from the first migration to this area until about 300 years ago when the Spanish first arrived. The second (not-so-great) photo of the kids eating was our reenactment of a lunch with traditional foods, or our modern subsitutes for those foods (i.e. we didn't actually use acorn flour, but we did discuss it....)

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