Sunday, September 2, 2012

SF History: Ohlone Life

We visited an archeological site with a wealth of information about the Ohlone people and their life and had a fabulous tour from a naturalist who is skilled in many elements of the way these ancient people lived.  Free, on a holiday weekend in the Bay Area, and still we had him almost to ourselves!  It sparked lots of interest and made all of want to learn a lot more.  The Ohlone were the native people of SF and the southern Bay Area, sometimes called Costanoan. They traded with many of the surrounding people, getting obsidian for arrowheads from the Coastal Miwok and bows from the (Yosemite) Miwok, for example.

Making fire (a group effort - success at right)

Traditional reed house, outside (above) and in (right)


Rope made from dogsbane bark; nearly unbreakable!

Anise Swallowtail caterpillar?

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