Friday, June 14, 2013

Table of Plenty

Sister Jeanette on left; K and dessert cart at right

K and I participated in an event with staff and faculty from my paid job called, "Table of Plenty."  A lovely and energetic Sister of Notre Dame, Sister Jeanette, organizes a weekly community event to feed people in a nearby farming community who need a good and free meal.  Some of those in our group arrived early in the afternoon to prepare the food; we got there in time to help with the serving, learning that doing so required me to wait tables with the intent that we mimic the best service at the highest restaurant.  My skills from working with Uncle Mike and Aunt Terry at The Keg in Manitou Springs so many years ago finally put to use! K was in charge of the dessert cart, a popular kid that night.

It was a lovely and powerful experience.  One of Sister Jeanette's regular helpers reminded us that by coming, we committed to walking in the shoes of Christ, serving each other in a way that honors each individual's dignity.  The service element was important, but so was the inclusiveness of the community; we also ate after our serving duties were nearly done and it felt good to sit down with our guests and break bread, celebrating each other in a simple and important way .

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