Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shakespeare in the Park

Too hot for many photos; the production started out slow and lacked chemistry, but got better as it went on, though it was darker and more tangibly violent than previous productions I've seen. Two of K's previous teachers were in it, starring at Lady Macbeth and as Lady Macduff. Both girls mouthed many of the lines along with the actors and K got to see the lines that she carried off done by a professional in some of the most famous scenes in literature. She kept critiquing the performance in whispers to me, "he's good; better than me..." and I would think, "but you did that too - lines, emotion, and drama." Seeing the pros made me appreciate my girl and her love for Mr. S. even more. Next year we are looking forward to more and different Shakespeare opportunities, so this whet our appetite. And thank goodness that sun set soon after we arrived... we were very much melting out there!

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