Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Marvelous Drive

We picked more blackberries (below). Later, our drive took us along a remote road, high on a beautiful ridge between the ocean on one side and rolling vineyards on the other. Blackberries so massive and luscious that we could see their size and color from the moving car lined the side of the road. Oh, we couldn't resist. With Charles on the lookout for approaching vehicles, we started picking. It didn't take long to discover that a handful eaten all at once was music in your mouth. Some made it home, but many fell to the beat of our giddy pick-eat-save happiness.

What an evening! We had to stop again to admire the sunset, despite having just decided that it was getting too dark to be on such a remote road. We were just above a thick fog, overlooking the ocean and watched the sun sink into the thick fog.  The sight was more awesome than pictures can show.


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