Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Summer Fun

I'm pretty sure that this is "Ruby," the snake some of the kids' friends found in the park a few weeks ago.  Same general location and I spotted it again and helped K to do the grabbing.  Not that either girl normally needs help, but this one was fast and we needed two, one to cut it off, one to grab.  But once caught, it was calm and later, when we released it, curled up almost invisibly under a nearby rock.  Makes you realize how many creatures are close by...

We've been starting each day with an online art lesson; G takes the lead clearly art is one of her passions, though she does get frustrated because she is a perfectionist without the skills to effect what she envisions.  Yet.

She also self-organized this project, after picking up a book
with instructions at a local picnic book give-away. Love her interest!
Another G passion - cooking!  Our new tv-addiction is that baking show and when they were charged with making meringue desserts, guess who had to try, too?  She started by saying, "let's look through Vegetarian Times for some ideas."  And there they were!  Charles laughed at that one - what kid thinks that VT is their first go-to source for recipes of all kinds?  Have I truly warped her?  Perhaps... but with a grin like that, it's not all bad. 

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