Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekend Trip: Lake Tahoe!

Just look at that happy smile!  I saw so
many of those from both girls
in the water as they swam back and
forth, again and again.  Joy!
A fabulously fun weekend with some of the nicest people in the world. Thank you Pam, Rob, Malcolm, and Mimi!

K on a trampoline in the water; awesome invention!
Ready to dive in; crystal clear and cold, but super-fun!  I knew
that they loved swimming, but before this weekend didn't
quite realize that they have gills!  :-)
Warming up with Dad after hours in the water.
My little scientist, examining crawdads with a new friend.  The kids who caught them later cooked and ate them, earning the girls and I hugs from one of our hosts, who was less than pleased about those who were eating the wildlife and appreciative of us because we didn't.  I call that vegetarianism with perks!  :-) 
Both girls loved being in and on the water; G center above and K center below.

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