Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Summer of Creations

I'd written earlier in defense of unschooling - not our particular choice, but in my observation certainly a valid approach that honors children's natural interests in learning. This summer has been a study in unschooling for us as I have tried to honor their requests "to be school kids," which for them meant having the summer off from obligations. We still go to mass of course, K has her piano, G has her gymnastics, and I have to go to work but other than that we have tried to stay away from any specific schedule, learning goals, or agendas. We have unschooled, in other words.

According to many critics of unschooling, the kids should have been watching brainless television shows all day, but that wasn't the case. Instead, it was a summer of outdoor activities and creative endeavors - both have been painting a lot, G has initiated some sewing projects, and K has been playing geography games. Mostly, they have played together a lot; involved, extended, creative games. Nurturing that creativity and innovative thought is important to me, as is giving them the time together to nurture the friendship that I hope and pray will sustain them both for a lifetime.


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