Thursday, August 29, 2013

Our Not Back to School Photo

Whether they are in their self-designed uniforms (right) or just looking funky in their pajamas (left) they are having a lot of fun. Our first week of the new school year has gone well so far, even if we are doing it "light" until next week. Up early every day to bike or play basketball. Reading, writing, and math... the latter on a bit of family overdrive as we play with a cool math video program we discovered that is so complicated that it takes all of us working together to solve the math quickly and so progress in the game. Some of it was geometry I haven't done for ages. Both girls are teaching themselves cursive and Aunt Monica will soon get a birthday thank you note from G that might almost be legible. :-) And Lizzy the Lizard seems to be thriving, eating more crickets; hurrah!

In what I think of happily as
"NOT back to school uniforms."  :-)
In "school uniforms"
Ike is getting his professor look on!

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