Sunday, August 25, 2013

Exploring the New Exploratorium

Lovely Kathleen went with us and we had a blast. Many exhibits we recognized, but in an awesome new building. The photo on the right below was from the rear of the building; a view that is hard to beat! The one on the left was a very cool exhibit I wish I could duplicate for a leadership class. Each of four players had one control - up, down, right or left - of a Pacman game. Players didn't know each other (sisters excepted) and stepped in voluntarily. They then had to coordinate directions to one another with no one designated as leader. It would be so interesting to do this as a leadership exercise and to see how adult reactions vary from those of kids. In this case, these two book-ended the controls and bossed around anyone who stepped into the middle panels - in the best way, of course. It was awesome to watch - sister power all the way. And super fun, too.

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