Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School Photos

What a day! We "officially" started yesterday, figuring that the first day of Religious Ed might as well be the first day of the new school year. Both days we honored our commitment to get up early and begin the day in outside play and both days we did that by playing basketball together. It was quite a challenge for the three of us to beat Charles (and we did it today only by cheating; yesterday he beat us DESPITE our cheating efforts to delay him with tickles and other unfair holding efforts :-).

When we got home, the girls opened their books to read while I made breakfast - and they did so without complaining! Our intent this week is just to do the basics, then add electives when classes begin next week. So we came up with a spelling list, practiced writing, did some reading out loud, and played with a new online math game that I found. We used our fun digital white board that Charles found for an amazing price on Craig's List (photos below) and it was awesome both for the math games and for watching School House Rock videos. It had been sitting in the playroom for months, but now hangs in our dining room, clear evidence that I have completely given up any hope of having an uncluttered spot in the house. Oh well. Second grade and fourth grade, already! The clutter won't last for long and when it is gone I will miss it. Or, maybe not... but I'll miss them if they aren't around and am glad to relish this time.

They decided that since it was the first day of the school year they should wear "their uniforms."  I believe that G designed both of them.  They actually wanted their hair combed properly and photos taken, then carefully critiqued the photos and told me what to do to improve their looks.  They had an awfully good time and I did too...


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